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Standard User techguy
(committed) Sun 03-Mar-13 18:31:45
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Excellent service from Xilo

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Just wanted to comment about the excellent support I am currently receiving from Xilo

Some exchange work by O2 wholesale has caused my latency to increase from 18 ms to 35 ms, this is important as I have to work from home sometimes and the VoIP phone system is a bit latency sensitive.

Matt has been really helpful and has managed thus far to get interleaving removed which has reduced it down to 26 ms but is continuing to progress the issue with the supplier.

That's what I call superb service.

Virgin (ADSL) => Namesco => Newnet => O2 => Plusnet => Zen => Newnet => Zen => Freeola => Vivaciti (using O2 Wholesale DSL) => Xilo (C&W Wholesale) => Xilo (O2 Wholesale)
Note: I don't lay turf for anyone. astro or otherwise, all views and opinions expressed are my own based on experience.
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