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Standard User Anon4
(newbie) Wed 16-May-18 13:36:25
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Uno IPs getting blacklisted!

[link to this post]
4chan has just range banned the entire ISP. Also, it seems my IP has recently been listed in the blacklist.

4chan Ban

Seems I can post on 4chan again. Not sure if they removed the range ban or if my IP has just been whitelisted. Anyway, still good to be aware of it. I remember Sky being blacklisted on a lot of online forums back around 2008 - 2011.

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Standard User risk_reversal
(experienced) Mon 09-Jul-18 13:54:37
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Re: Uno IPs getting blacklisted!

[re: Anon4] [link to this post]
EDIT: Sorry, just noted the original post is some 2 months old

Well if you use Firefox as a browser, you can use the free VPN browser addon by Windscribe.

Free version works the same as the paid paid version just has a data limit on it.

They also apparently do a browser addon for Chrome.

Good Luck

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