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Standard User eightiesneo
(newbie) Wed 03-Apr-19 14:26:57
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Any information on native IPV6 from UNO?

[link to this post]
Was just wondering if anyone knew anything at all about when UNO may begin to roll out native IPV6 support?

Maybe Matt can chime in as when I ring and ask it's like getting blood out of a stone.

I also see the "idea" post on their website which is now 3 years old, several people have asked for an update as to when it may release but the thread has now been locked.

It just surprises me an ISP with as good a reputation as they have are trailing behind the likes of BT, Sky, Zen, IDNet etc with the roll out of Native IPV6.

If anything I would of thought UNO would of been one of the first to roll this out with being a smaller ISP.

With such a good service and otherwise excellent customer service, it's by no means a deal breaker, but as many other's on this forum, I like to tinker and native IPV6 will give me something else to play around with.

Would really appreciate an update from Matt on the current situation, are you close to the roll out, is it going to be this year or are we talking several more years? How is internal testing going etc...
Standard User PhilipD
(experienced) Wed 01-May-19 08:25:37
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Re: Any information on native IPV6 from UNO?

[re: eightiesneo] [link to this post]

I've been keeping an eye on this as well and find it frustrating it's not happened yet. I work in IT and would like to be able to get to know IPv6 and have it on my own network. Obviously the Internet still works okay without it at this time, however I would have hoped a more technical premium ISP would have been sooner out the door with it.

Just recently as I felt I was getting left behind on skills and knowledge of IPv6 I had a go with Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel broker service with pfSense and was able to get this up and running with little issue which has allowed me now to experiment and learn.

I completely understand they are a smaller concern and have various priorities, but they are an ISP and their bread and butter is offering connectivity, which is what IPv6 is, they can't just ignore it smile


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