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Standard User sobeitjedi
(regular) Fri 03-Jul-20 21:44:39
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SSE Fibre Broadband settings with own router?

[link to this post]
Does anyone know what the recommend settings are for fibre broadband with SSE? Using my own modem/router box instead of the default and unsure what the config should be.

The problem could be my account password, not sure what this is .. the only thing I can find from SSE is card and it has a username/password for "Internet Security Suite" - I've no idea what this is, the username looks right [number] but not sure if it's the right password to use?
Standard User Spud2003
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 19-Jul-20 19:31:59
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Re: SSE Fibre Broadband settings with own router?

[re: sobeitjedi] [link to this post]
The username looks like the PPPoE username for SSE, so I guess the password may well be correct. Try checking your router logs for PPPoE authentication success/failure.
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