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Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Sun 03-Feb-13 12:25:10
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Re: Would not reccomend Plusnet

[re: booty] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by booty:
I have been with PN for 2 months now (1month on fibre) and i can say im not impressed at all . My connection is great during the day and im able to get my full speed (78Mb) but during the evening around the time of posting this i often struggle to get 10Mb . The ping times fluctuate a lot from 20 to 180 ms which as im an online gamer is not what i need .
For customer service they are great but i would rather not be having to talk to them and have the connection im paying for at all times .

Personally I would

I started life with Plusnet in 2002 with a £99 a month 1:1 dialup connection. I then went to £69 a month 2mbps ADSL in early 2003 when it was launched. Then from 2007-2010 I worked for Plusnet during my life in Sheffield. Even after My family have a Business Option 3 service which they have never had a problem with (and use lots) and I know that if I had a problem I could call and get some decent support.

At the moment they pay the same price they did years ago but I am sure if circumstances change they would downgrade package .

EIther 1gbps FTTH or FTTC will hit them first - if it's FTC they will be staying iwth Plusnet I know this already.

It's nice to see PN winning the usual awards again. truely deserved IMHO!
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