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Standard User ultra
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 02-May-13 15:26:28
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Re: wireless router

[re: meldrew] [link to this post]
Oh dear, should have checked what I am using before I posted... I have the same as your older router, the 585v7. Wonder if I'll have similar problems when eventually I go for fibre...

{However, unless there's some discount for loyalty, that won't be anytime soon... I have 'unlimited' mobile broadband now, but have been contemplating another fixed line service, and there are plenty to choose from, still, while avoiding big names like TalkTalk, Sky and BT.}

If I have a second line I will have options such as having both routers and a third room connected with HomePlug, so the lounge and 'office' will have full speed from a landline/router combination, and the other room can have devices choosing which router to use (some on Wi-Fi others via HomePlug)... and a timer switch powering one HomePlug adaptor will allow me to restrict access to one ISP during daylight hours {eg if I can still get their cheap unlimited off-peak, 5 GB peak time, Claranet SOHO broadband for 'part-time gamers'}.


If you run a business, have a second ISP and backup web hosting...

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