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Standard User kasg
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 13-Oct-14 18:54:24
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Re: Just moved home with PlusNet

[re: zrerz] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by zrerz:
I am waiting as I type this to hear from the PlusNet customer options team as to whether or not they will honour the terms of the contract, and since they can't provide what they agreed, to release me and supply a MAC code?

It is unclear to me whether there is some problem that may be restricting your speed and exactly what stage Plusnet is at in investigating it. Whatever the situation, it is very unlikely that changing ISPs would make any difference whatsoever so you might as well give Plusnet a bit longer. It is also worth pointing out that no ISP will promise a speed, they are only estimates, although if a minimum speed was indicated at the time you signed up and that formed part of your decision to enter into a contract, then you should be released from it if that is not achieved. Keep a record of who said what and when. If you've got it on an email or a ticket, even better.


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Standard User zrerz
(committed) Thu 16-Oct-14 20:13:51
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Re: Just moved home with PlusNet

[re: kasg] [link to this post]
more info,

Had openreach engineer today, arrived at 11am, left at four 4pm, guy Openreach sent was a fibre installer, not a fibre fault specialist, he called another guy to help, and together the following was done/reported:

The wire/installation in my property was inspected/Openreach modem all checked out 100% OK.

Outside to the pole, then the green cabinet down the road, here they found problems, moved me over to another DSLAm (whatever that is), and on checking the connection to my exchange, found aluminium in the circuits, and I was told this was the major problem, as at the box it was getting 78 Mbps, but the aluminium was preventing this reaching my house, where I can expect at most 40 to 44Mbps, nowhere near the 77 to 66Mbps PlusNet offered me prior to moving, and the sole reason I accepted this deal was under the proviso this was what I would get, and if happy, then agree to a new 24 month contract, but I'm not happy, after saying this to me over the phone at the old house on the 6th September, I'm now stuck in PlusNet's mumbo jumbo, where they still refuse to release me from this contract for a product service they can't provide.

Now they again are looking for yet another delay/get out clause for themselves, by saying they are going to listen to the voice calls made on that day.

But, I have no faith in that, as before I joined PlusNet, one of the sales guys promised me good deals, which I accepted, but upon getting first bill, found it was dearer than the one promised, I rang up to query and was told they would check the voice recordings, guess what, yeah, no sign of the guy or his offer, so what's the betting they will try this again now?

PlusNet have no honour, avoid them at all costs!

Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Thu 16-Oct-14 23:14:30
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Re: Just moved home with PlusNet

[re: zrerz] [link to this post]
Why try the Infinity checker?

The important one, that feeds both the Infinity and Plusnet checkers is the one you used for this post. That is all any ISP has access to, so Plusnet themselves are not to blame. Hence the problem you have.

Have you posted in the Community forums about this?

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Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Fri 17-Oct-14 17:02:53
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Re: Just moved home with PlusNet

[re: zrerz] [link to this post]
in my view if your line has an issue plusnet are better at getting it fixed than BT, BT will make you fight harder for an engineer. Also that plusnet post results of GEA tests which BT do not.

ISP Representative thatadamwalker
(isp) Mon 20-Oct-14 16:17:40
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Re: Just moved home with PlusNet

[re: zrerz] [link to this post]
Hi there,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It's the most valuable kind of feedback for us.

The reason that your account details and package didn't update straight away is because both are currently a manual process following a house move, we just hadn't got as far as your account yet.

We do realise how this may not always fit in with expectations about moving services. However we're currently making some improvements to our provisioning processes which should avoid any delays between installs/orders completing and the necessary account details being updated.

Adam Walker
Plusnet Support Team
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