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Standard User peteadsl
(regular) Fri 03-Apr-15 15:35:53
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Suggested a speed reduction

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Been with Plusnet Fibre for 2 years and recently moved my phone to them as well. They suggested I reduced my speed to 38mb instead of the 76. This was because they said I could only get 55 although I thought I was getting 60ish. Must admit I've only occasionally thought I noticed the difference but I was wondering whether their capacity was getting a bit full and they wanted to slow me down. Is that likely?

Pete from O2 to Plusnet fibre 8th April 2013
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Fri 03-Apr-15 15:47:50
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Re: Suggested a speed reduction

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If you run the BT Wholesale Performance Test, ignoring the red instructions and just saying you've done them, and on the results page go to the bottom and click Further Diagnostics, you get a more detailed page.

Please can you copy and paste the full contents of the down and up text boxes containing the results. We don't need to see the graphics.

Those will let us calculate your connection speed fairly closely.

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