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Standard User meldrew
(experienced) Sun 28-Aug-16 18:07:12
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TG585 v7 Variable WiFi

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I do speed test every now and again and conected with a cable I get a download speed of 9Mbps consistently.

Last week I was away and using an iPad Mini decided to see what download speed I was getting in a caravan Surprised to get 12Mbps so decided I ought to check what the iPad did at home:

Ethernet computer - 9Mbps
WiFi iPad Air - 5Mbps
WiFi iPad Mini - 3Mbps

The Mini seems capable of more so surpeised that it only does one third of a cable connection. I use the TG585v7 because it is more reliable that other PN routers I have had and works with everyone's phones too.

Can anyone explain the reasons for the two differing iPad speeds?

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