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Standard User hk11
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 17-Dec-16 18:22:40
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Proof? that all ISPs are as bad as each other?

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Having received no response to my request for a renewal deal from Plusnet I recently transferred to Sky.

First off Plusnet said I owed them for exiting the contract early, despite my transfer being on the same day they said my contract ended. Then it billed me for broadband only, despite my having been on Sky's network since my contract ended.

Perhaps someone who understands BT's systems can explain the following? :-

"I have checked our records and it shows Sky placed a transfer order for the service
to transfer across to them on 6/12/2016. Checking our Supplier systems the phone
service shows as being ceased, but the Broadband Asset is still showing active with
Plusnet according to BT Wholesale. I can see form our broadband connection log that
you have not used Plusnet for broadband since 6/12/2016 and the TAGS check shows
that your number is now on an LLU circuit for broadband (i.e. SKY)."

It's worth noting that I was without broadband for somewhile when I transferred to Plusnet from EE and never did get to the bottom of the cause. EE blamed Plusnet and Plusnet said it was EE at fault. I personally believe Openreach is the problem, but customers can not contactt them direct!

Isn't it about time it became easy, hassle free and reliable to transfer ISPs? wink

Keef- Sheerness Kent UK - Sky via Technicolor TG582N

Previously - EE, New Call Telecom/Fuelbroadband, Plusnet, Virgin/NTL/Bell Cable, Crosswinds, IC24, FreeOnlineNet,
X-Stream, Totalise, Freeserve, Force9, TescoNet, AOL, Freenetname, Pipex, E7
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