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Standard User scopio
(committed) Wed 04-Jan-17 23:15:31
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Trouble with web pages

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Is anyone having trouble loading web pages today?
Having problems with web pages taking too long, about 15 seconds loading. This happens with Edge, IE and Chrome. And when I click on an article or link it takes about 15 seconds to display the web page is not responding and have to recover page several times. This happens no matter which page I use including and
Just tested my download speed with ttb speed test and is 16.7Mbps so it is not a speed issue. Could it be a plusnet issue or what else could it be?

PC Full Tower - Self Build OS Windows 10 64bit Laptop Dell Inspiron 1545 - OS Windows 8.1 Home Premium 32bit Stardock8
ISP was O2 All Rounder now PlusNet Unlimited Broadband SamKnows Whitebox connected on 14:02:2013
Standard User alloneword
(member) Thu 05-Jan-17 00:04:40
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Re: Trouble with web pages

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Not having any issues myself m8 and i only get 4mbits so seems ok at my end of the world (London)

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