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Standard User jelv
(knowledge is power) Tue 05-Dec-17 16:17:04
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Well done Plusnet!

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For around 18 months Plusnet's automated system for transferring domains out has been broken meaning anyone selecting this option on the portal ended up with their domain in limbo with everything (including their emails) going down a black hole until the user actually managed to get to speak to someone who actually understood the issue and pushed the right buttons (often Bob Pullen).

Today it has been spotted that they have taken away the button and replaced it with text saying the user needs to call in. It probably doesn't mean that they will get the domain transferred much quicker given (a) the phone queues and (b) the chances of speaking to someone who understands is pretty slim, but at least the domain will no longer go in to limbo.

They must be congratulated for finally doing what we have been telling them needed doing for over a year (remove a button and replace it with text) - by Plusnet standards this is a pretty quick fix.


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