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Standard User planetf1
(experienced) Mon 30-Nov-20 17:46:05
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John Lewis Broadband - router, ipv6

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Does anyone know what router John Lewis broadband are currently sending out for Fibre (the higher level)?
If using as a router does it support iPv6?
Does it allow for modem mode - ie alongside an Asus router

I'm looking for a 12m contract having just moved. I was on 1Gbps virgin, then 200 Mbps Vodafone 4G (temp flat). Now I'm lucky to get 25 Mbps and more importantly some instability in 4G due to location. 5G can't be far away (multiple planning approvals all done - brighton), but too important for work
Standard User j0hn83
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 01-Dec-20 12:39:00
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Re: John Lewis Broadband - router, ipv6

[re: planetf1] [link to this post]
Last I knew they were sending out Zyxel VMG8924-B10A's but they are getting a little old so might be supplying a newer model.

John Lewis (Plusnet) don't support IPV6, at all. The trials were scrapped some time ago.

They allow modem mode.
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