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Standard User ajseeds
(newbie) Wed 29-Jul-20 23:25:28
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Re: Now Post Office is cutting Upload Rates

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Further, I now have several ADSL2+ lines where both downlink and uplink sync. speeds have been cut by Post Office. These on "Unlimited Broadband" packages. I have discussed the problem with them and they say that I am only paying for whatever they quoted the minimum speed of the line to be when I first ordered it The fact that when first installed it gave twice the current sync. speed and corresponding throughput cuts no ice. The fact that the lines have been changed from a noise margin of 6dB to as much as 18dB cuts no ice either. It seems that their policy is to cut the sync speeds to the minimum value that they suggested was possible when the line was ordered. Upload sync. speed is also being cut, that being unregulated. As many on this forum have stated before, this is an ISP best avoided if you want to get anything near what your line is capable of.
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