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Standard User kitcat
(committed) Thu 07-Apr-16 20:41:14
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OFCOM call for inputs to Broadband USO

[link to this post]
OFCOM has now called for inputs to help inform the design of the Broadband USO.

You have until 22nd June 2016 to respond if you want to put your view.

Input is sought for the following areas:

• Specification and scope of the USO;
• Demand for the USO;
• Cost, proportionality and efficiency of the USO;
• The universal service provider or providers;
• Funding of the USO and potential market distortions;
• Review of the USO.

"For each of the above points, we are also interested in whether considerations or concerns are common or specific to one or more of the UK’s nations."

Responses can be sent using the link on page 9 ( Annex 1 ) of the document at the link above.

It will be interesting to see the content, quality and balance of the responses. These should be available as they are received ( available from the link at the top).
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