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Standard User mikebear
(learned) Mon 23-Jul-12 16:48:48
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Beware of emails referring to "Booking Confirmation"

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Two days ago I received an email to my yahoo mail box headed "Booking Confirmation" which I deleted as I have not made any bookings and remembered a warning from Sophos Security

Today I got the same email via my main mail box which is my alternative address for my Yahoo account which makes me believe that the recent hacking of Yahoo may be the cause,even though I don't use the part of Yahoo that was blamed.

I have changed my Yahoo password 3 times and each time it only works once...strange!
I can and will live without Yahoo but hope this posting may save people a lot of trouble.

I know members are usually far too wise to fall for this but it is the season to be making bookings.

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Standard User Sandgrounder
(knowledge is power) Mon 23-Jul-12 17:09:42
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Re: Beware of emails referring to "Booking Confirmation"

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In reply to a post by mikebear:
..... but it is the season to be making bookings.
Only if made via smile

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