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Standard User RiffRaff
(knowledge is power) Sat 01-Dec-12 11:08:52
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Re: Which free AV software?

[re: Zadeks] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Zadeks:
My response wasn't aimed at the OP's 1 month old post.

MSE + Windows Firewall is just as good as any other solution, when combined with software patching, etc. No need to let a 3rd-party get their grubby hands on the Windows kernel!

All AV is cheap these days because it is practically worthless, so the deal isn't amazing as it might look.

BTW, you should look at a superior mobile OS if yours is riddled with malware. Smartphone security app?! Well I never.... wink

My response was to the op, and also to anyone else who reads this thread, whether as a member of this site, or anonymous. Yours on the other hand was to me - and me only - and contained nothing of any relevance; only a vague, narrow minded, meaningless troll comment with no real logic and substance.

Fortunately there is no rule about thread reply time limits; perhaps you should go and create your own forum with that rule since it evidently bothers you so much.

I had already concluded from your first contribution to this thread that you were clearly bored, and trolling, and made no credible points - only vague, meaningless and ignorant comments based on some kind of deep seated paranoia about giving companies personal info, and legitimate security vendors gaining access to core Windows functionality, which as an aside, is actually crucial in fighting the barrage of malware PC's can and are exposed to.

These comments have continued in every successive post by you to the point now, where you made another ill informed comment about a smartphone app - and presumed malware exists on my own mobile devices - when in fact there is no such malware on my devices, and never has been to date, and given mobile device security is, in many ways, the new front in cyber crime, it's no surprise that taking steps to protect ones self in this area is just basic common sense that should be instilled and publicized as often as possible. Otherwise, ignorant and narrow minded views such as yours will proliferate.

In conjunction with the rest of your ill informed post[s], it therefore becomes evident that you can't even distinguish between an AV product, and a full security suite, and the tangible benefits they provide, whether on PC's, or mobile devices - even more so when they are free given they would normally cost money.

On the subject of MSE being 'as good as any other solution', MSE suffers from poor protection levels. This is well documented by independent testing sites such as and av-comparatives. In fact this was once again highlighted in testing only a month ago when it suffered a[nother] significant drop off of its protection and repair abilities.

If you don't like Kaspersky [I suspect you've actually never even used it], or Barclays, because of ill informed paranoia etc that's fine, but if you decide to troll a thread/post for no real reason, and make vague ill informed comments, be prepared to have them exposed and countered.

To that end, I see no further need to enter into discussion with you and will not reply to you any longer, but will certainly continue to add posts to threads which take my interest and where I have something to input, which may benefit users looking for a comprehensive security suite, for free, regardless when those threads have been created.

In summary, I would suggest you get some basic reading done, particularly on distinguishing between an AV product and a full security suite and why they need to be embedded so deeply, and get over the ignorant viewpoint that this forum has a rule for time-to-reply in threads, and also on how to not make sweeping, vague, narrow minded & meaningless comments about internet security suites, mobile device security, or certain AV software being 'superior', when independent tests show this not to be the case.

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Standard User Zadeks
(experienced) Sat 01-Dec-12 11:32:39
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Re: Which free AV software?

[re: RiffRaff] [link to this post]
It's a discussion forum where people reply to posts. Deal with it.

Secure mobile OS = zero malware. Where is the iOS malware? Oh, that's right, there isn't any because application white-listing works. No need for snake-oil anti-malware product eating battery life.

A security suite with zero benefits. Windows & modern browsers already have all the features a person requires. Let's not install more bloatware on our systems.
According to av-test, Avast has 100% 0day detection rate, talk about misleading.

I will never install a bloated snake-oil solution because I don't rely on useless protection.
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