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Standard User mikebear
(regular) Fri 02-Jan-15 13:47:03
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Malware infection suspected at ISC

[link to this post]
From Sophos newsletter,1st Jan :-

The Internet Systems Consortium, better known as ISC, thinks it might have had a malware infection.

That's the organisation responsible for BIND, a DNS server that is very widely used in production.

You can download free antivirus program from Sophos which will run alongside existing AV program.A useful belt and braces exercise.

No doubt the year will get more threatening as we go along..

Have a safe 2015 !
Standard User caffn8me
(knowledge is power) Fri 02-Jan-15 17:04:29
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Re: Malware infection suspected at ISC

[re: mikebear] [link to this post]
This is so last year's news wink website hacked: Scan your PC for malware if you stopped by - 26 Dec 2014


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