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Standard User spranglebolt
(member) Mon 15-Jun-15 11:19:45
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In the past week or so I have been emailing a friend, and receiving non-delivery messages ('no more attempts will be made') from .
Never heard of it before!
Funny thing is that my mate does in fact receive the emails.
I don't see it in connection with any other emails I fire off, and he tells me that none of his other contacts have mentioned receiving it either.
Obviously I don't open any attachments.
Googling lasthindrance has revealed several posts, but I'm no wiser and remain suspicious.
Has anyone else seen this, please?
Standard User Apprentice
(knowledge is power) Mon 15-Jun-15 13:10:31
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Re: lasthindrance?

[re: spranglebolt] [link to this post]
Not come across them before.

plusnet user
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