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Standard User zedbra
(member) Thu 03-Feb-11 15:10:41
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Sky LLU speed & Renting from BT

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Now that O2 are probably going to start forcing people onto their new broadband packages, I'm thinking of leaving for Sky, and possibly paying line rental to Sky too. I would prefer keeping line rental with BT though if it doesn't put the cost up. I've been doing lots of research but still have some questions that need clarifying.

1)  If I take Sky Talk but stay with BT for line rental, I've read that to keep caller ID active, I'll be charged an extra £2.50 per month unless I make at least 2 qualifying calls through BT. Is this still the case, and how can I get around it? I know you used to be able to dial a prefix to bypass Sky Talk, but you can no longer do that.

2)  What happens to BT's 1471 service? Would I be charged for that if I cannot make qualifying calls?

3)  I'm currently on O2 LLU, and sync at around 3.7mbps. I'm a fair way from the exchange, and on ADSL I sync'ed at between 1.5 and 2.5, depending on conditions. So it was nice to go up to 3.7 and I really don't want to go any slower. I've read that Sky specify a slightly higher noise margin than O2, of 7-8db. Right now with a sync speed of 3.7mbps, my noise margin is at 8.1db. So it makes sense that I'll get the same sync speed with Sky, all other factors being equal. Are all other factors equal though? I wouldn't want to move then find out it's slower once I'm stuck in a contract. I don't know what changes at the exchange when moving from one LLU service to another.

Any other pros/cons please?

Ideally I'd like to use Sky Talk for calls so I get £5 off broadband, but stick to BT for line rental.

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