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Standard User Arnoldas
(newbie) Tue 09-Apr-19 13:20:45
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Old Router and Fibre Max

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Hello. So recently Sky upgraded me from regular Fibre to Fibre Max and I've been using SR102 Sky router with it. Got a spare router which I was unable to connect as it does not have Option 61 setting unfortunately so I was thinking of upgrading to Sky Q Hub and maybe making my spare router(not current sky router) an access point for better wireless connection upstairs as there's no cables leading upstairs. I was getting 37mbps download and 19mbps upload on my phone in upstairs room, on pc it was usually between 40 and 50mbps download and 19-20mbps upload. Would upgrading to Sky Q Hub or making an access point with spare router make any noticeable difference?
Standard User Fido
(committed) Mon 03-Jun-19 17:24:54
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Re: Old Router and Fibre Max

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In reply to a post by Arnoldas:
.so I was thinking of upgrading to Sky Q Hub....

I would not upgrade to a Sky Q router at this time as the wifi on the present Sky Q Router is poor.

if you want to use a Sky Branded Router then it may be worth waiting for a few month when, (as I understand it from discussions with Sky), a new Sky Q "HUB 2" Router should be available and since part of the reason for bringing out a new version of the Sky Q Router was the poor wifi the new sky Q "Hub 2" Router may have better wifi.

If you do not want to wait; I personally use the TP-Link AC2800 Router which I find has quite good wifi and it is easy to set up with Sky Fibre.


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