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Standard User andythebrave
(member) Wed 15-Jul-20 13:26:20
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my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me with

[link to this post]
Hi my borad band has dropped looksm like im banded , open reach eng came this morn and left me with 52 meg syn i was on 66 meg this morn before the fualt happeened i was on 72 Meg sync , this is not good the attenualtion is avrying tillt he fault it was 13.1 the snr was 3.3 the eng left me with a 6 db snr not good , come sky you can do better now logged complaint against open reach with ofcom , hers a my dsl results
so my through put was 69 Meg its is now 48 Meg
here is my restlts for a few years

Jul/15/2020 11:18 28.72 48.87801 15.56556 Ethernet Leeds
Jul/15/2020 11:12 24.672 48.96229 15.57158 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/15/2020 10:33 24.812 49.21212 15.74816 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/15/2020 10:33 24.636 49.25345 15.8009 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/12/2020 19:04 16.166 60.31425 15.86078 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/11/2020 15:20 16.49 56.03712 15.04579 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/03/2020 22:18 19.945 61.21379 15.56252 Ethernet Liverpool
Jul/03/2020 15:15 20.037 61.12496 15.50107 Ethernet Liverpool
Jul/03/2020 0:36 25.743 60.80386 15.71092 Wifi Bath
Jul/02/2020 23:21 20.707 62.6266 15.47475 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/02/2020 23:18 20.703 63.69271 15.45408 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/02/2020 23:13 20.549 64.48805 15.42485 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/02/2020 22:44 16.514 58.9165 15.28198 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/01/2020 20:42 20.909 66.48178 15.4819 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/01/2020 20:38 20.639 50.34577 15.37113 Ethernet Manchester
Jun/29/2020 11:04 20.438 67.50403 15.44673 Ethernet Maidenhead
Jun/19/2020 16:32 19.449 67.44168 15.62493 Ethernet Liverpool
Jun/17/2020 16:09 16.208 65.99091 15.8722 Ethernet Manchester
Jan/18/2020 0:12 18.554 69.34192 16.86771 Ethernet Manchester
Jan/11/2020 22:36 20.094 67.19654 16.53529 Ethernet Liverpool
Dec/27/2019 12:04 16.225 68.37539 17.8195 Ethernet Manchester
Oct/03/2019 23:50 11.288 64.86489 19.84102 Ethernet London
Sep/25/2019 23:08 10.803 64.8947 23.66966 Ethernet London
Aug/03/2019 0:03 26.055 66.03201 23.30804 Ethernet Aberdeen
Aug/03/2019 0:00 19.561 65.88844 20.37404 Ethernet Liverpool
Jul/24/2019 0:53 15.896 65.95374 21.74095 Ethernet Manchester
Jun/29/2019 0:44 16.376 66.59233 23.53898 Ethernet Bracknell
Jun/29/2019 0:43 16.428 65.6446 22.04763 Ethernet Manchester
Jun/06/2019 17:33 12.174 65.93243 22.5358 Ethernet London
Jun/06/2019 17:32 12.025 65.94974 26.86641 Ethernet London
Jun/06/2019 17:31 16.405 65.95254 22.75623 Ethernet Manchester
May/30/2019 22:52 16.346 66.09888 21.6696 Ethernet Manchester
May/18/2019 0:52 16.376 66.7237 22.20841 Ethernet Manchester
Apr/23/2019 7:13 18.867 66.70326 22.56936 Ethernet Manchester
Oct/29/2018 0:11 20.728 68.60506 23.297 Ethernet Preston
Oct/29/2018 0:10 19.673 68.58249 23.10538 Ethernet Liverpool
Aug/04/2018 17:22 16.17 67.64583 21.5937 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/16/2018 0:24 16.348 68.30508 17.82943 Ethernet Manchester
Jul/01/2018 18:27 15.841 67.12178 20.53191 Ethernet York
Jul/01/2018 18:25 16.363 67.6487 20.82475 Ethernet Manchester
Standard User j0hn83
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 15-Jul-20 14:20:18
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: andythebrave] [link to this post]
If the OpenReach engineer fixed a fault he should have reset the DLM.

This would make your line considerably lower than the peak you had before the fault.

Interleaving is active, G.INP is not active and the SNRM is 6dB after a DLM reset.

It takes a week or 2 for the DLM to return a line to peak speeds.
There's nothing any ISP, engineer, or department within OpenReach can do anything about this.

Sounds like you've jumped the gun complaining without knowing the ins and outs of how it works.

Edited by j0hn83 (Wed 15-Jul-20 14:20:54)

Standard User andythebrave
(member) Wed 15-Jul-20 15:38:21
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: j0hn83] [link to this post]
john the engineer did nothing ot a jot the line this is 2nd eng inner iam logging on here for sky the engineering said no fault found no ports check ,y speed has dropped 29 Mb and i am it eng i know the technology he arrived was alot higher than he left , dlm reset should be alot higher and he reset on his tester not on the router , so i am not jumping the gun , last time this happened took talk talk 3 years to get fixed and they did not , i should be on 76 Mb sync , i actually think the ports failing the cabinet so no ,plug in test run off after reset dlm with out any further investigation when speed dropped in fornt of his eyes nope useless eng sent , the line is perfect it will run normally at 2db , but
1 there testers cannot test below 6db
2 as he was 2nd engineer there should been a lift and shift intuited as this problem only appeared after the lightning storms.
Sky have admitted that he should have investigated a 29 percent speed drop is not acceptable

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Standard User Fastman3
(learned) Wed 15-Jul-20 21:14:44
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: andythebrave] [link to this post]
if your contract is greater than the contracted you get ie up to a 40 m/bps or over a 50 > or what ever it and your getting more than that its unlikely the engineer will do anything

it woudl not surprise my if your CP was billed for that as well (interesting to see if you CP pass that onto you or cover it

you would only be on 76 is you were on top of the cabinet

comments like - nope useless eng sent - not helpful either
Standard User andythebrave
(member) Wed 15-Jul-20 21:43:54
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: Fastman3] [link to this post]
I onow i was on 72 Mb sync before fault amd i pay forvthat speedd and yes my exp of openreach emgineers if the dont fix it dlm reset does not fix fault esp if whilst eng is there you loose a furler 14 Mb and he fails to fix . Hexwent out says hes going hes dan for something amd disappeared. Not good hre shoukd have gone to cab abd checked that , its not good, sky useless had one telling me its wifi when i use thecyputer as modem wifi was fi e on my netwrk as the the ax6000 was doing backup o
Onto my nas at time, open reach he did not do anywork at all on call , amd im it eng of 25 years plus . As well as network o stalker in past feild service, server support , robotic tape drives cisco trained microsoft certified degree ekectronis andcradio ham , this a record onlibe to see if they fix it , you will understand why if you look at the talk talk failult on the exchange they never fixed. So yes open reach say im fibre emg when i start goingbthrough what they foubd andczuggest check cab, reprog port lift and shift they run off , why cos there suddenlybtelphone wire men not sfc eng . So yes useless ,today was 2nd eng
Standard User mysticeddy
(regular) Wed 15-Jul-20 22:31:45
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: andythebrave] [link to this post]
What’s your minimum guaranteed speed for your connection with Sky? Also, you pay for an “up to” speed - not an exact figure unless you’ve got cash coming out of your ears for SLAs on a leased line!
Standard User ian72
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 16-Jul-20 11:50:46
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: andythebrave] [link to this post]
Is this the same line as you were posting issues with in 2014 and 2017 with TalkTalk? If so, how did that end up getting resolved in the end?

PS - your posts are incredibly difficult to read.
Standard User andythebrave
(member) Thu 16-Jul-20 20:41:02
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Re: my broadband speeds have dropped openreach eng left me w

[re: ian72] [link to this post]
yes it is it was fixed i have 72 meg coonect for 2 years with sky
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