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Standard User j0hn83
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 19-Jan-21 14:26:05
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Re: Does sky have DLM?

[re: Hothead17] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Hothead17:
Will it try to recover over time or do I need to contact sky to try to get them to get openreach to reset it?

It can vary between lines depending on stability.

Some banding removes in days or weeks. It can last longer though.

Banding used to get stuck but the DLM is much better at removing it now.

It used to require an on site OpenReach engineer to remove banding but ISP's now have the ability to request OpenReach do this remotely.

There isn't much point having the banding removed if the issue that caused it still exists. It would just be added back by DLM again.
Banding is usually applied when a line resyncs too many times in a set time period.

Constantly rebooting the Hub can cause this or power to the property being turned on/off a lot.
Line faults that cause the line to resync a lot will cause banding.

If there's a line fault it should be fixed. If the resyncs were due to you rebooting the Hub or power going on/off then you know the cause of the banding.

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