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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 27-Oct-06 12:04:38
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General Talk Talk FAQ inc LLU

[link to this post]
Useful numbers and Information:

TT CS : 0870 444 1820 (free on a TT landline)
TT BB : 0870 087 8777

TT voice faults WLR: 0800 049 5050 (free)
TT voice faults LLU (Unbundled): 0870 087 3527

Service status page

- Then, remove the lower half (unscrew it) inside there will be another socket, connect a filter to these socket and connect the modem directly to this socket, NO EXTENSIONS.
- If then there is no sync or ADSL light is flashing (680 error). SWAP filters, and repeat, if there is no sync and the phone line is working. Please call BB tech faults on 0871 226 7146.

If you don’t have this style:

- Connect a filter and modem DIRECTLY to the main BT Socket. NO EXTENSIONS. Remove all Telephony Equipment in the house (Sky, Burglar alarm (that connects to the phone line), fax, modem), also swap filters.
- If the modem ADSL light is flashing (680 error) or disconnecting please call TT tech support on: 0871 226 7146.

Username or password: 691/721

No username or password call:
08700 875562 - the call should be free from your TalkTalk phone.

Can’t login or error 691/721 with correct TT username and you are on IPStream:

If you made sure you username and password is correctly entered and you still get an error 691 or 721.


Remove your TT username from the dialup connection box, replace with [email protected]_domain leave password as blank.

If you can connect try; [email protected] leave password as blank.

If you can connect or can’t connect to any of the above please call TT tech support on: 0871 226 7146 and report what you have done.

TT Modems:

Speedtouch 330 (Black),
if you get a red light whilst connecting or disconnects after a few minutes after connecting, please download the latest drivers from speedtouch , if you are on LLU download the 8Mb driver please. Or call TT tech support on: 0871 226 7146 and order a CD.

Sagem 800 (Grey)
No issues.

Huawei modem (cream one with green underside)

Please follow, the sheet entitled “Setting up your talktalk on your Mac computer”, even though it says MAC computer, you can use this for the PC as well.

For USB, install the s/w, then follow the sheet (use to connect not

For Ethernet just follow the sheet.


ADSL Link – GREEN In sync.
Flashing Green not in sync (680)
Orange (authenticated)
Flashing Orange username and password error. (691/721)

ADSL ACT/LAN – Flashing, indicates Data activity.

Do note that the Talk Talk Terms and Conditions allow the company to only support TalkTalk modems, if you are using an unsupported device and need to report a fault it is recommended that you borrow a supported modem, or source one cheaply via sites like EBay - MrSaffron

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