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Standard User Jack_Hackett
(knowledge is power) Fri 04-Feb-11 16:42:11
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Re: Talk Talk Experience

[re: adslmax] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by adslmax:
he told me that Virgin Media is faster than BT by miles ahead in the future as Virgin plan to extend it 30Meg, 50Meg, 100Meg, 150Meg and 200Meg and will be 400Meg in three years time.

I have never understood the fascination with speed, i get 13Meg and imagine like 99% of all internet users I haven't found anything that doesn't work at that speed, and it only costs me £6.99 per month.

My broadband faster than your broadband is just so old. wink
Standard User garymartin7
(newbie) Fri 04-Feb-11 18:11:15
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Re: Talk Talk Experience

[re: Jack_Hackett] [link to this post]
Another week, another clean connection. Also got another member of the family signed up without issue. I've read though the rest of this thread and taken in all the cock waiving. Sure there are other services out there, but we don't all live in population centres. I'd love to be able to order a Virgin connection, but they ain't here. There is one ADSL 2+ provider where I live and it's TalkTalk. I am still really impressed with the latency for gaming, it is a really short path to the general internet. Speed (where you really mean capacity) is easily enough. Sure sometime I have to wait for a download to finish, but it is sometimes nice to have a bit of anticipation.

The latency is better than my previous Zen/Newnet connections, and both of those were very good connections, highly recommended companies. I'd certainly recommend them for those who have no ADSL2/Virgin providers in their area.

At least TalkTalk haven't decided that the best path to the office I work in Cambridge is via Asia. When I pushed o2 support about it (appeared to be a BGP issue) I was told my traffic was taking the best possible path.

So, if you don't like them then don't use them. This post is for those who don't know, TalkTalk is certainly an acceptable service.

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