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Standard User meditek2
(member) Sun 18-Sep-11 12:47:27
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Ex-Nildram - how to access Webspace.

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I have Nildram webspace which is working but I am unable to login to it to make changes. Anybody else with this problem? If so, how do you access your space?

Standard User Seejuu
(learned) Mon 19-Sep-11 11:18:45
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Re: Ex-Nildram - how to access Webspace.

[re: meditek2] [link to this post]
I had not tried to access my site for ages after an abortive attempt months.... ago. So today went to TalkTalk Support page this morning (Mon 19.09.11) and found:

I have free webspace. How do I upload files to the server?

Some Dial & ADSL products provide free webhosting as part of the package. Access to this free webspace will vary depending on the original provider of the service. You can find information for the different packages below:


Free Nildram Webspace is provided on the webserver for non-commerical use. It can be accessed via FTP from any TalkTalk Business connection.

Site Name: or
FTP Host:
Username: full username (so [email protected]
Password: account password

Went to my FTP programme and logged in! Though first attempt no good as I had put 'ftp.' in front of the FTP Host as my programme suggested.

Hope this helps. smile

<n>ildram-exer confused
Market 1 exchange: 565 residential 38 non-residential premises. frown
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