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Standard User killie99
(regular) Tue 11-Oct-11 20:22:31
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'New' Webspace for TT Business BB

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I was with F2S and then put on TT Business BB when they bought over F2S. I got an email last week telling me my webspace was being moved and I would have access again from Tuesday onwards. I can access the webspace using teh new web based FTP tool and I can upload files to the new webspace but I can't access the files from the web.
I used to be able to access pictures on my webspace by using:

but this is still pointing to my 'old' webspace which is locked (i know because I can still access the files on it) and cannot get new files uploaded top it. Does anyone know if the new webspace is fully active and how do I access the new space from the web as my domain name hasn't/won't be changed?
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