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Standard User warweezil
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 23-Dec-11 13:36:05
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I ran my number through the TalkTalk line checker last night... the result was followed by this message.
This speed is an estimate based on where you live.

We'll deliver superfast 24Meg broadband to your exchange. But how far you live from the exchange will affect the speed of your broadband.

Other factors include: the condition of the wiring in your home, the time of day when you're online; the number of other users; the website you're visiting; and whether your modem's connected to the main phone socket.

Whatever the case, though, you can rest assured that we'll provide the fastest broadband that we can.

We base download times on a typical 5-minute song (a 5MB MP3) and a typical 100kB webpage. They're approximate, and give a best-case scenario.

I'm curious as to how they can claim to deliver a"superfast 24 meg service to a Market One exchange where the only available consumer services are the up-to 8 meg BTw ADSLMax service. How can they claim such a thing when even the residential properties adjacent to the exchange couldn't get anything near "24 meg" speeds from this exchange.

This would seem to be a sharp marketing practice, ironically by the same company that is planning a roll out of 24 meg services across my county in the next few months but bypassing my exchange - the largest in the county.

Might be one to bring to the attention of OFCOM (already closed for Xmas) or Trading Standards.

Any ISP that thinks that selling my click traffic is acceptable is MisinPHORMed My Broadband Speed Test
Market 1 (IPSC) - a BT group investment NOT Spot
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