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Standard User connormill
(regular) Sun 29-Sep-13 22:46:09
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Couple of TalkTalk TV questions

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So, I'm thinking of leaving Sky. I had tried to sign up to BT TV but as I'm on an EO line I can't get Fibre, so can only get the older Vision+ box. Not what I'm after. ( see here )

So, next point of call is TalkTalk TV.

TT is already down 1 point, no BT Sport! (but then again, the girlfriend has it so I'll just go bug her!)

What I'd like to know is, the "TV Boosts" do they show up in the main Youview EPG and can they be paused, recorded etc.

Also, how good is the picture quality of Discovery Channel for instance. I'm not expecting Blu-Ray levels but from what I've read its "Better than freeview, but not quite HD"

And lastly, is there any on-demand content from the likes of Discover, Nat Geo, Comedy Central etc. Or are the only linear channels

Switched to Be* since BT decided I am not getting FTTC!

Might go for 2 bonded lines, speed aint bad at the moment
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