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Standard User Ahmedg
(committed) Tue 28-Oct-14 13:47:45
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fiber loss after power cut

[link to this post]
Had a power cut and switched everything off, when leccy came on modem is showing green for power, DSL and LAN but router is red for internet though LAN is green.

This is on fiber. Reported to TT and escalated to an engineer after going through the script.

Any one got idea what's wrong?
Standard User Myth
(committed) Wed 29-Oct-14 16:01:13
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Re: fiber loss after power cut

[re: Ahmedg] [link to this post]
do you have a Huawei HG533?

If so, log into router and click Advanced, (yes), Status WAN and see what is says for the "nas0" row.

I expect the "status" will say something. Does it show an IP address?

Have you tried a cable swap (router to modem)?

In theory, theory and practice are practice they aren't!
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