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Standard User tsh
(learned) Thu 07-Mar-19 09:18:20
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Modem settings for FTTC

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I'm trying to set up my D7000 modem/router after switching from BT to TalkTalk. (Same device was working fine with BT yesterday, and the TT modem works fine - except for no guest network for the IoT devices).

I'm seeing some confusion about ADSL/VDSL settings (101.0 or 0/38, and PPPoE or PPPoA) - probably just some misdirection from TalkTalk support, but it would be nice to rule out some variables.

Since I have a 40/10 Mbps connection (speedtest result), I'm thinking this is certainly VDSL - but its been a while since I reconfigured a router on the modem side so maybe I'm out of date...
Standard User j0hn83
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 08-Mar-19 10:56:12
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Re: Modem settings for FTTC

[re: tsh] [link to this post]
You only need to change PPPoE to IPoE (might be called DHCP).
No username or passwords on Talktalk.

PTM, VLAN 101 etc remains the same regardless of ISP on FTTC.
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