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Standard User charlestown
(regular) Wed 07-Apr-21 12:29:59
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Re: TalkTalk Business. Any good?

[re: Realalemadrid] [link to this post]
I am not at all fixed on using Asus. This one came from my time with Cloudscape Connect, who are Asus partners and I found it would only stay connected to 5G on the N setting, which I later discovered is pretty common and even then it was a bit slow. I went through a few Asus routers from them trying to resolve issues and it was only fixed when I moved to Vodafone.

Any thoughts on better options? It's an average sized modern property and the router is used for work as well as family stuff like streaming 4K video on Netflix, plus Youtube etc. I was just looking at Netgear and TP-Link thinking I ought to go for something that is wi-fi 6 enabled. We may be moving to a larger older property with a big garden, so I am also including that as a factor, however I know they are currently managing with a fairly ordinary router.
Standard User wolvesmad
(knowledge is power) Wed 07-Apr-21 14:43:44
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Re: TalkTalk Business. Any good?

[re: charlestown] [link to this post]
Since having FTTC in 2013 I always went with a separate modem and router apart from when I left my parents and left the kit at theirs. The BT Smart Hub lasted about 6 months before I ripped it out due to constant rebooting and installed my own kit. I went from a sync of 58Mbps to 76Mbps going with a decent modem and router.

Firstly started off with the old trusty Huawei HG612 which lasted about 4 years then I replaced it with another brand new one which I had for a year and then sold.

I then moved onto the Zyxel VMG1312-B10A which was absolutely solid. All having Broadcom chipsets, on a Hauwei cab.

Now on FTTP, i'm still using my old trusty RT-AC68u which I have had for years - still separates I guess, I never touch the ONT, it's in a cupboard tucked away.

You can't go wrong with separates. A decent router may cost a bit in the short term but in the long run with a decent modem, you can mess around with the router all you like and it has zero impact on the line and dreaded DLM on FTTC. No random firmware updates sent via your ISP. No random TR069 requests.


SkyUltrafast FTTP 150

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Standard User charlestown
(regular) Wed 07-Apr-21 16:10:34
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Re: TalkTalk Business. Any good?

[re: wolvesmad] [link to this post]
I actually had an old BT modem that came with my original FTTC router many years ago and threw it out about a year ago thinking I would never need it again. Perhaps I should have kept it. I see there is a very highly rated TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750 router on Amazon that doesn't cost a fortune I only discarded it initially because it didn't have a modem.

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Standard User Chippy_Tea_
(experienced) Wed 07-Apr-21 17:06:27
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Re: TalkTalk Business. Any good?

[re: danielhyde] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by danielhyde:
In reply to a post by Chippy_Tea_:
I cannot answer your question but i have been with TT over 10 years and am happy with the rock steady speeds and lack of downtime, TT have a bad reputation for customer service but in the handful of times i have had to use them they have always been very helpful and have always got my problems sorted quick.

I am on Fibre 65 -

My Broadband Speed Test

Edit to add package details.

Are you on a home package or business package? As they have different call centres.
The business package goes through to a UK call centre and you get much better support.


As far as i know Fibre 65 which i mentioned in my post is residential if the TTB customer support is even better than those i mentioned below in my second post all well and good.

There are 4 ways to contact support -

Online chat - i have found this to be the quickest and easiest way of getting help as having a Cumbrian accent talking to phone support in another country has always been a challenge.

The TT community forum - is very good and the TT employees who man it are brilliant but the downside is its not 24/7 so it can take a day or two to get an answer if its busy so only really ideal if you are suffering speed issues etc that are not an emergency.

Social media, - i assume the people that man the community forum also keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook as a lot of customers use it but again like the forum its not 24/7 so isn't much use for emergencies.

Phone support - The last time i used phone support was a lot less of a pain that the first time i used it many years ago, i assume due to the amount of complaints they have had about phone support over the years has forced them to get their act together, its still my least favourite means of contacting them.

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