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Standard User MHC
(legend) Wed 02-Feb-11 11:21:19
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Isposure is installed along with tbbmeter (a version of tbbmeter without Isposure is also available) and Isposure runs on a daily basis uploading and downloading a "small" amount of data.

Recently I have been looking closely at upload and download activity using tbb meter and had noticed some very large uploads and downloads that could not be initially identified. They consisted of a 4MB upload followed by a 100MB (yes, one hundred Mega Bytes) of download and the sequence was repeated 4 or 5 times. Had I allowed it to continue I would be looking at 50GB per month across three PCs.

After a couple of false leads the source was identified as Isposure. It was tbbmeter and the associated tools that finally led me (with MrS's assistance) to the root of the problem.

I have looked back at the tbbmeter logs and can see that it has been happening for two weeks which has wasted around 15 to 20 GB of download.

Does anyone else have large downloads that they cannot identify or wonder why their usage is so high?



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 02-Feb-11 11:39:53
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Re: Isposure

[re: MHC] [link to this post]
Little known parts of tbbmeter are

1. The sites visited shows IP address, port and amount of traffic for places the computer has gone to since tbbmeter last ran
2. The Record 30 seconds of TCP data under the Test Tools is useful to analyse which application (exe) is consuming the traffic. Obviously need to run this capture when the errant traffic is happening.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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