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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 07-Jul-12 15:02:53
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tbbMeter Version

[link to this post]
Have after a little beta testing pressed the release button on the latest version.

The changes are:

1. The Quick Stats (Stats) pop-up window has two extra rows, showing the highest average speed over a 5 second period seen by the app, in both upstream and downstream directions. The idea is that you can simply use your computer, and check now and then to see what the best speed you got was.

2. The best average speed is recorded as a daily figure into the speed.csv file, and is visible via the Statistics | Speedtest Results window.

3. The reading of the persistent data has been improved, so that it should not fail to read this file as some people have reported.

4. There are more graph scaling options, to reflect the changing maximum speeds in the UK market.

5. The testing we have used for the ISPA awards can be run via the menu and Test Tools now, in addition to the previously slightly hidden CTRL SHIFT F2

6. As part of the test suite, the latency recorded is now added to the speed.csv file, and Speedtest results window.

7. For those who really want to see their best daily stats, the up to last 60 days values will be in best.csv. Once I am happy this data recording is stable, will invest some time in a nice graph for people, so you can see how the line performs over time.

The core aim with many of these changes has been to make it easier for the consumer to see what speed their connection is running at, without the need for running special speedtests, and also can be used to verify what various web based testers report for the speed.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as

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Standard User jchamier
(knowledge is power) Sat 07-Jul-12 22:50:29
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Re: tbbMeter Version

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Some nice updates - thanks!

(do you know of anything similar for Mac/OS X ??)

James - be* pro - 16.8mbps sync - BQM
FTTC cab arrived 18-jun-2012 (due Mar 2011) - Openreach estimate 44.6Mbps / 6.5Mbps
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