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Standard User Hercules
(newbie) Thu 19-Jul-12 18:28:40
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Total broadband usage

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I have two computers connected to my home LAN and a laptop I use via WiFi. I have tbbMeter installed on my laptop as this is the most used on the internet. I do not want to exceed my download limit as I know TalkTalk are waiting to pounce the minute I go 1 byte over. Is it possible to measure and record the total download traffic that passes through my modem/router?
I have been comparing what TalkTalk say I have been using with what tbbMeter says. On one day very recently they say I downloaded over 4 Gbytes. All the computers were switched off. I was out all day and just checked my Emails late that evening.
I suspect that TalkTalk will pounce one day and I would like some solid evidence of my usage in my armoury.
Any assistance or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
(isp) Fri 20-Jul-12 11:11:21
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Re: Total broadband usage

[re: Hercules] [link to this post]
Hi Hercules,

You would need a monitor that records the traffic via the router. You advised the Monitor you currently have is only on the laptop, as such any other devices will not be measured (including any phones, smart TV's, Playstations, Xbox's, Tablet PC's etc).
and may not be giving an accurate result of the total data transferred.

It is also worth checking and changing your wireless security password to ensure no-one else is able to access your wireless network

With regards to us "ouncing the minute you go 1mb over", this is simply not the case. In the first instance of exceeding your download limit (which is only relevant to Essentials, TT Plus is unlimited anyway) we send a warning letter advising your usage exceeded your limit. If you usage remians above your limit a second letter would be issued, if a third excess occurs within 6 months of the first, then action would be taken.

This ensures customer can make necessary amendements to either their usage (to bring it below the limit) or account (such as changing plan or adding the unlimited boost to the essentials package) before any actions is taken, to ensure the usage limit is suitable for your needs.


TalkTalk Online Community Department

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 20-Jul-12 11:37:24
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Re: Total broadband usage

[re: Hercules] [link to this post]
Only way to do what you want is if the router actually logs this information for you.

How does the 4GB compare to your usual daily usage? The figure of 4GB is an odd one, as the way some software does things if there is a value of -1, you can after casting the unit end up with a number like 4,000,000 (a hang over from 32bit arithmetic).

tbbmeter can monitor the usage but only on the devices it is installed on. I would also advise checking your wireless key is secure.

Next time you are out all day, make a point of turning OFF the router, and that way you can use NO data, and see what the TalkTalk counter displays the following day.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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Standard User Hercules
(newbie) Fri 20-Jul-12 22:03:17
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Re: Total broadband usage

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Thank you for your reply. My monthly limit is 40GB and I use about 10 - 15% of that each month (4 - 6GB). A spike of 4GB in one day is very anomalous. I will take your advice and change my WiFi key although the current one is pretty strong. I also use MAC addressing. Thanks for your help.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 22-Jul-12 22:14:58
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Re: Total broadband usage

[re: Hercules] [link to this post]
If the two computers and laptop are all you use, with no tablets/smartphones/game boxes and so on, then why haven't you got tbbMeter on all three?

Register all three and on the tbbMeter website you can see the cumulatives and also each machine, to save you going round checking them and adding them up yourself.

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