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Standard User StevePalmerUK
(newbie) Tue 04-Sep-12 12:48:17
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Capturing usage data for the whole network

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I just had satellite broadband installed because I'm in an area where the max speed is 0.7 Mb/s download. Happily, I'm now getting 12Mb/s smile

I've installed TbbMetter because i seem to be using up my monthly data allowance at an alarming rate. The usage data reported by TBB is significantly different (lower) from the data reported by my ISP and I guess I might have TBB configured incorrectly - currently it's set at 'All internet traffic', but it want it collect the data used around my 4 pc network not just the PC where TBB is installed. Should I be choosing 'just local network traffic' - will that include downloads/uploads from/to the net too?


Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 04-Sep-12 13:08:00
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Re: Capturing usage data for the whole network

[re: StevePalmerUK] [link to this post]
tbbmeter can only see the traffic arriving at that PC.

We did have a small beta app that could see ALL network traffic, but this relied on you using an old Ethernet hub, rather than the normal Ethernet switch. So never rolled it out.

The Internet and local refers to the ability for tbbmeter, to differentiate between file transfers between PC's on the LAN and downloads from the Internet.

You need tbbmeter running on all the other PC's to get an accurate figure.

What broadband router are you using? Some track usage, and the better ones keeping totals in non-volative areas, so a power cut does not wipe them out.

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