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Standard User Malwaremike
(committed) Sat 15-Jul-17 12:32:57
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TBB old/new versions upload discrepancy

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I'm happy with our Plusnet ADSL2 at around 10.7mb download on TBB speedmeters old and new. However the new tester reports upload at 0.5 mb while the old Flash tester still reports 1.0 mb upload as it always did. I use TBB regularly if only to contribute to your excellent statistics service, I'm sure there is some reason for the reported 50% upload decline and mention it for your information as well as curiosity.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 17-Jul-17 10:12:39
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Re: TBB old/new versions upload discrepancy

[re: Malwaremike] [link to this post]

Believe this is a recent one and looks like ADSL2+ and without knowing your connection speed (sync speeds) hard to interpret more, other than looks sensible.

The older tests if ADSL2+ look suspect since usual max sync is around 800 Kbps so would not expect higher speeds. is the newer tester but showing higher upload speeds for your line, suggesting the tester is happy but maybe sync speeds have changed 12th June the 0.8 Mbps upload was nailed
but 7th June you have the 0.5 Mbps from same tester

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