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Standard User Woozywyvern
(newbie) Mon 22-Mar-21 11:03:43
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Technical Help Please

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Hi there. I am having some issues and although I have probably an ok understanding of networks, I am by no means a master. So I wondered if I could get some help or advice if possible.

The Issue:- Intermittent loss of internet. Both via ethernet and wifi at the same moment. It is off only briefly, between 5 and maybe 20 seconds at a time. This is enough to cause issues for online gaming mainly, and other activities like web browsing if trying to use at the time of the loss. I can discern no pattern, sometimes its four of five times in a twenty minute window. Sometimes it can be hours between loss of internet moments.

My Setup. My ISP is Virgin and I have the 200M Package. I have their Hub 3 in Modem Mode, and an Archer C7 Router doing the work. Apple TV connected directly via ethernet into the router. Several devices on Wifi both on the 2.4GHz Band and 5GHz Band. I have a TP Link RE650 Repeater to extend the Wifi coverage. I then have a gaming PC upstairs, in a Wifi dead spot. This is connected via ethernet through Devolo Magic Powerline Adapters to the router. My usual speed tests are very good, both via ethernet, through the powerline adapters and via Wifi (except in the odd dead spot).

The above setup has been running smoothly without an issue for about 18 months untli just recently.
The Archer Router is about 18 months Old.
The Devolo Powerline Adapters are brand new (Replaced a pair of TP Link 2MBPS as I thought these might be causing the issue).
The RE650 extender is also quite new, only about three months old.

Virgin tell me that there is no issue in my service and that the Hub is working correctly with no issues. (Although they also tell me their Hub 3 is a good Router, so I'm not convinced they are correct smile ). They are telling me its an issue with the third party router. Ie the TP Link Archer C7.

Although I had planned an upgrade to a Nighthawk Router at some point, I was hoping that the Archer would last me longer than 18 months and I don't want to spend on an new Router unless I have too.

Is there anyway to tell if it is the router that needs replacing or do I just have to take a punt and get it?

Thanks for anyone who had the time to read through this smile


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Standard User Pheasant
(experienced) Mon 22-Mar-21 22:20:17
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Re: Technical Help Please

[re: Woozywyvern] [link to this post]
Take your box out of the equation - put the VM hub in router mode rather than modem mode and see if the situation changes.

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Standard User dandnsmith
(experienced) Tue 23-Mar-21 07:20:31
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Re: Technical Help Please

[re: Woozywyvern] [link to this post]
I, too, have a hub3 and the 200M service. We get loss of service from time to time for which Virgin have no explanation. The other day we lost connection in the middle of an online bridge session, and so did a friend (in the same session) 2 streets away (also on virgin).
I regret ever having changed to VM last september/october.


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Standard User jchamier
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 23-Mar-21 09:50:51
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Re: Technical Help Please

[re: dandnsmith] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by dandnsmith:
We get loss of service from time to time for which Virgin have no explanation.
I have an Asus router with Virgin Hub 3 in modem mode. It is generally stable, but when "something" happens on the coax between my Hub and the cabinet in the street, I can get disconnected. If I turn off Modem mode and disable WiFi in the Hub, and use my Asus router as an access point these problems go away. The Hub 3 is better at coping with these small issues.

If you are getting a lot of issues, have a look in the system log on the Hub 3, and post the list here. If you have T3 and T4 events, these need to be raised with the VM helpdesk. Best way to raise is through the community forum, where you can post your log.

VM don't really support in modem mode, so you need to try and reproduce the problem in router mode. They will assume your hardware is faulty, which makes sense for a service provider.

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