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Standard User facet
(newbie) Fri 24-May-13 19:52:20
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EE / Orange/ Everything EveryWhere customer service journey

[link to this post]
What do I do to skip useless help centre?

It is not first post like this, so will keep it short and numbered and I promise I will tell you a joke smile

1) 8-11 or 10 May - telephone line disruptions [no signal when I'm at home or most of the time signal is absent - broadband is not working naturally]

2) I found BT information about service disruptions in my area - on website [not bothering provider Orange/EE just yet]

3) 10 or 11 May, signal is back, at about 19'00 my phone is ringing. After I answer [no one is there], line is going dead again

4) Sunday 11 or Saturday 12 - Start of the 0.3 M internet

5) Standard EE service procedures [test socket, filter - I had 5, all cables I could replace I have 3 of each

5a) I note that I may hear the crackling in my home phone, but unprofessional scan doesn't reveal any problems

5) again look above [on different occasion]

6) next day "I can see a fault on your line" - "BT engineer will check the fault" "It has been escalated to xxxx team who will deal with it". Next day in work I received call from BT guy that he was at my home, and after visually inspecting line, he wants to change it. I need to call my provider and arrange the appointment. I ask BT guy what if I call this call centre - that can't be on "British soil" - and I will get fob off... He provides me with fault number and ensures that he will not clear fault on my line and EE service need to see it.

7) EE help service tells me: telephone line fault was cleared, and they don't need my fault number

8) EE calls me - please do a router reset [good I saved settings], "engineer" told me to reset, reset took ~15min and router didn't start again, "we will send you new router - this one is damaged

9) After hanging up, I have disconnected all unnecessary cables from router, repeated reset, it took 3 min at most and it was as brand new minus settings, with old speeds at 0.3M

10) Yesterday: router arrives: speeds 0.3M [at most]

11) I call EE and can see for the 6th time - 6th different person from "SERVICE" restarts router remotely and check exactly same think as 5 people before him [ in total I spent about 6 hours on a phone so far - I need to call soon after I finish it]. I'm told that some other escalated team will contact me after 5PM today - it is almost 8PM - no call received

12) Today I come from work and find in door information from Openreach, that they have been here to provide a service "regarding your order or fault" - sorry guys - I didn't know you're coming....frown

Throughout whole process NO ONE paid attention to that the problems started after phone line disruptions

Something funny as promised:
During the process of identifying who is calling to EE, guy asks me:
-'Could you provide full name'
-'Can I provide you with a fault number' - I try to cut it short
-'OK - and the post code and first line of address'
laugh & frown

This is my experience. What do I do to skip useless help centre? Please.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 24-May-13 20:09:48
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Re: EE / Orange/ Everything EveryWhere customer service jour

[re: facet] [link to this post]
Should be pretty simple, unplug everything broadband related and if noisy it is raised as a voice fault, no need to worry about the broadband, generally fixing voice fixes the broadband.

On voice faults a provider who sells voice should be able to a test there and then and see if it needs an engineer or not.

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Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 24-May-13 22:01:13
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Re: EE / Orange/ Everything EveryWhere customer service jour

[re: facet] [link to this post]
Write formal complaint letter.

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Fri 24-May-13 23:14:56
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Re: EE / Orange/ Everything EveryWhere customer service jour

[re: facet] [link to this post]
That could be a very bad connection somewhere on one wire of the pair. Symptoms are phone noise plus frequent and ultimately complete failure of the phone service with hugely degraded broadband.

The phone needs both wires connected. Broadband can do as described if there is only one.

As has beed said, get the phone fixed and the broadband will be fine, but possibly not as good as before at first. Depending on the ISP it could take a long time to get back to full speed.

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Standard User broadband66
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 25-May-13 13:00:52
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Re: EE / Orange/ Everything EveryWhere customer service jour

[re: facet] [link to this post]
Who do you pay for your line rental? They should be dealing with any voice issues and as previously stated the bb should be ok after a few days.

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Standard User facet
(newbie) Mon 27-May-13 18:46:42
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Re: EE / Orange/ Everything EveryWhere customer service jour

[re: broadband66] [link to this post]
To end a saga and be fair...
Before 10pm EE called me- same day as last post I've written in this thread.

Last time I forgot to mention that they planned to "restart my broadband" and for this reason wanted me to call next day. Bit late at night/evening but they did.

Same night BB started to get normal speeds. In the morning speed were at + - same level as 3 weeks prior.

And then surprise surprise - Openreach pays me a visit on Sunday morning blush that was probably the only possible time frame to catch me at home without telling me I have had visit scheduled - and it was about 8 in the morning. Killer time after Sat night laugh

But after changing wiring on house walls and fixing BT socket in new place speed didn't change.

Another notable thing about previous phone disruptions is that telephone service seems to work in business hours which would indicate maintenance that doesn't affect companies during most common working times.

PS my bright box [brightbox] doesn't accept "+" [plus] as a valid character for wireless password.

As a bonus I found it in EE price guide

• Converting your phone line to a BT compatible line -
This charge will apply if you are switching from a broadband
supplier that doesn’t use BT compatible lines e.g. TalkTalk, Sky.
no charge
• Bright Box wireless router postage and packaging charge
• Bright Box wireless router replacement charge
• Fibre engineer missed appointment charge –
this is payable if you have been booked in for a fibre broadband
installation and cancel without providing 48 hours notice.
• New phone line missed engineer appointment charge –
this is payable if you have been booked in for a new phone
line and cancel without providing 48 hours notice.
• Disconnection charge
- This charge will only apply if you completely cancel your broadband and calls service. Moving
to another provider using a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) will not result in the charge being applied.
• Line rental saver -
non refundable pre-payment of your phone line rental for 12 months.
• Breaching a data limit on your broadband and calls plan
- If you are on a broadband plan that has a monthly data limit,
this charge will be applied to your account each month you exceed your limit.
• Bill late payment charge -
this charge will be applied for failed direct debit or credit card bill payments.
• Payment of bill by non direct debit
(per bill)

Edited by facet (Mon 27-May-13 19:36:24)

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