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Standard User richardcwgate
(newbie) Sun 18-Aug-13 12:18:00
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: richardcwgate] [link to this post]
This is just getting silly and stupid. I really should make better use of my time!
So, can't find where I can see how much data Avonline say I'm consuming.
Going to mesure it myself!
I now have my home network all routed via a pfSense server that is acting as a gateway
between my home network and the Internet. Everything now goes through this box.
I also have a Zabbix monitoring server out in the cloud that will gether usage stats from
the pfSense server every 30 seconds so I can track total usage and bandwidth.
Standard User niallquinn1971
(newbie) Sun 18-Aug-13 16:50:20
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: richardcwgate] [link to this post]
Well cancelled DEMON, 300kbps, 25k download ADSL today.

Taking the plunge, probably with Avonline, the 50gig ones should be fine for me. Do all downloads overnight.

Unless anyone has any better ideas? SES?

Standard User Sudsheps
(newbie) Mon 19-Aug-13 05:37:18
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: spacecoast] [link to this post]
I am so pleased to hear you are getting tough with Avonline.
I am a photographer having to upload photos off peak and don't touch things during peak times. I pay top whack and everything went smoothly for a while , then they without warning restricted me.
I paid a specialist to move the satellite as we thought it must have issues with nearby trees. A few hundred quid later and a lot of time and effort, Avonline tell me that although I signed up to unlimited anytime and at top speed they can limit me to such a speed that I may just get this email sent.

I am livid and would like to join anyone in taking this to trading standards or further.

They are selling a lie and making me pay the full amount still but with no allowance.
I live in a rural location and have my office here. I now literally have to consider moving because of this sudden undisclosed restriction.

Avonline do not respond to emails and refuse to call back in this issue.

I really would like to go to town on them if anyone wants to team up let me know please.

Pretty angry by being conned into buying it. It had all the answers I needed now I am really in trouble.

If Avonline bother to read things like this from upset customers this is Ed Shepherd. Please email or call back!

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Standard User Sudsheps
(newbie) Mon 19-Aug-13 05:40:38
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: rally] [link to this post]
Same issues.

Nightmare situation that has majorly effected my work.

Can anyone suggest any other solution or a decent satellite company for a rural photographer who needs to upload large files?

Standard User colinho
(newbie) Mon 19-Aug-13 08:25:48
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: Sudsheps] [link to this post]
It may well be that expectation of the Avonline "unlimited" service exceed delivery, but I have to say that my experience has been of some very genuine, honest , people trying hard to resolve problems in as fair a way as possible.
Like many posters, I saw my service collapse, as I became a "heavy user". After throwing the toys out, and looking at the alternatives (1 MB ADSL), 4 MB bonded ADSL, £4,000 p.a. 2MB leased lines, ..... and other satellite operators whose FUP was less open, and more restrictive than Avonline, it occurred to me that the Unlimited service, which is effectively a 60GB per month service, still looks like very good value for money. The current shakeout of the mega-heavy downloaders will, in the end, make a limited supply of bandwidth more available to the genuine users, so perhaps Avonline should be getting less kicking, and more support, as they try to manage the supply : demand situation?
My service currently is back to running at sensible levels - I use my 1MB ADSL connection for web browsing, and the satellite for large file downloads. I think, in the end, how we, the users, manage our bandwidth, is the solution?
Standard User knighton
(regular) Mon 19-Aug-13 10:59:51
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: colinho] [link to this post]
I am not sure 'managing' our own bandwith is the solution. The reason why most of us are on Tooway is because the alternatives just don't exist (in my case) or are not fit for purpose.

What galls me most is that there has been no official contact from Tooway to me about either excessive downloads or the reduced speeds.

Having started with them in May, I accept that having these speeds available, I took advantage of updating a variety of programmes (OSX/Logic/Reason) and being able to use Google Music to transfer my MP3 collection to the cloud.

Beyond that, I have watched a couple of movies and generally used the web for what everyone else does.

I don't use torrents or P2P and am against the idea of piracy completely.

I would be very surprised if I have used more than 100gig in total since May.

My download speed has varied from kilobytes to 11Mbps but has never acheived 20Mbps since the first week after installation.

If I am an 'abuser' of the service, how come I haven't been told and why can we not see how much data we have downloaded without resorting to 3rd party software?

It seems to be very similar to Virgin 'fibre' in some areas. Significant overselling of the available bandwidth with poor speeds for all amidst on ongoing attempt to drum up more business for the oversubscribed service.
Standard User Nunkyjim
(newbie) Tue 20-Aug-13 19:23:28
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: knighton] [link to this post]
Hi guys, I wont harp on about things you already know - I'm going through the same [censored] though. After many phone call and emails between me and avonline my speed is still 0.6kbps in the evenings.

Basically, I shouldn't even be in the "heavy user category" (which may I add is extremely sneaky of them to suddenly implement this without informing us) Even though I shouldn't be in this category I still have diabolical speeds that I am paying 65 quid a month for - avonline don't seem interested at all. Emails take weeks to even get a response and when I speak to them on the phone they tell me to run a speedtest. They offered me a free cancellation which my reply was I don't want it cancelled, I want them to provide me with the service I signed up for. I'm sure they'd love people to cancel seeing as they've quite obviously ballsed up their business by overselling their product.

Have just been on and looks like they are throttling my downloads even though they deny it. Have recently asked for a deadlock letter so I can take this up with an adr scheme as avonline seem uninterested in speaking to me. Will keep you guys posted.
Standard User richardcwgate
(newbie) Mon 26-Aug-13 16:18:30
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: richardcwgate] [link to this post]
Well to anyone that's interested, this is what I did.

I signed up for UNLIMITED 20Mbps in April and it was fine back then.
This went silly at the end of July / beginging of August, down to 2Mbps.
I called them and was told I was a high volume user and hense throttled.
I complained, they didnt listen.
When my next invoice arrived I refused to pay until I got what I paid for.
This eventually escalated to their MD who justed quoted the Fair Use Policy at me.
I refused to accept that explaination on that bassis that I bought an UNLIMTED service.
I continued to point out an UNLIMITED service is what I bought.
They could not expect me to pay for a changed service.

"The minimum term of any contract only gives the trader the right to hold a consumer liable for the full costs of the contract; if they have a change of mind, and decide they no longer want the service from that particular trader; or their actions restricts the trader's ability to perform to the contract."

I had not changed my mind, they altered the sevice.

"UK law suggests that if you can demonstrate that the trader has failed to comply with any agreement you both reached during pre-contractual negotiations (discussions held between yourself and trader before you completed the purchase); you may hold the trader in ‘breach of contract’ and pursue them for a suitable form of redress."

In my case the promised "UNLIMITED" service was plainly not delivered. So I told them that I wanted to terminate the service back dated to the start of the bandwidth problems, 1st of August. Also that I would not pay any further charges and they could collect the equipment at their cost.

I just had to keep saying this until they agreed.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Mon 26-Aug-13 17:11:57
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: richardcwgate] [link to this post]
Well done! smile

That takes a lot of persistance against this sort of company.

My broadband basic info/help site - | Domains,website and mail hosting - Tsohost.
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Standard User TheDogTog
(newbie) Mon 26-Aug-13 20:22:27
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Re: Avonline / Tooway / Skylogic

[re: Sudsheps] [link to this post]
I am also a photographer living in a rural area, but I have built my entire operation around satellite broadband from Tooway (now Europasat - wonder why they had to change the name? wink )

I offer a service where I can upload photos overnight for people at multi-day events to see the next day (or even same day, when I have assistance uploading while I shoot)... Well, at least that's what I USED to do...

Now it is impossible - it takes so long to upload images at weekends that my whole business USP has gone... I am losing customers hand over fist, as it is taking DAYS to get images online, instead of minutes / hours and by then, the euphoria of the event is gone, bills are in the post when people get home and sales opportunities are gone...

Then miraculously at about 2;00 am (when I have to sleep, to have half a chance of taking more photos, next day) speeds are back up to 20Mbps - really really fed up now and they just quote these overnight speeds to justify their 'FAST internet claim...
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