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Standard User snowwolf0111
(newbie) Fri 15-Jan-16 18:20:16
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Do not go to Virgin Media !!

[link to this post]

I just want to let you know my experience with Virgin media ! :

I was a virgin customer for 2 years. I regret extending my contract after the first year. the connection was not reliable for a long time. End December I called them and discovered that my contract would expire on 7th of jan. they told me I need to call back after that time. So I called them on the 7th and asked them if I can still have my internet going until the 13th. They said it was possible and they also said that I only will pay until the 13th, but I have to call back at that date. So I did, but on the 13th , I had this awfull woman on the line who kept on moaning about that she could not understand why I left and kept on asking the same question why I was going to another provider. after telling her the same reason 4 times I was fed up and irritated. I told her that I just want to cancel the whole thing and whatever she was going to say had no influence on my decisision. Then the strange part came, she told me that I had to pay until the end of the month !! I told her that her college said something else, but she did not care about that at all ! They are just lying in your face !!! ridiculous and would not recommend virgin to anyone !!!
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