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Standard User ironman12345
(member) Wed 07-Mar-18 19:58:35
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DLM is a pain.?

[link to this post]
I am with BT and have a good line from the cab and have lost about 10mbps due to the fact that DLM in the cab does not allow the modem to be off.
I lost 5mbps due to a power cut and during the bad weather I had extensive water damage , and the power had to be off again losing me another 5mbps.
BTW I use a separate modem and router.
What good is the DLM if there is no line faults.?
It can be handy for the ISP or OR to make some more money though I guess.
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Wed 07-Mar-18 20:28:42
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Re: DLM is a pain.?

[re: ironman12345] [link to this post]
Is this the same power cuts as here?

Which OR modem have you got. If it's an ECI it would be worthwhile getting an HG612 v 3B off eBay, and better still getting a much more modern modem, so you can give us stats.

So far in that thread and this we have no information about your line.

We do know that, as John explained previously, DLM doesn't work like that. You/we would be reading hundreds of posts with the same problem every week.

It's possible of course that it's your old modem that is on the way out and doesn't like being powered off.

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