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Standard User IslandBoy
(newbie) Wed 25-Mar-20 17:16:19
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Onestream seems to be down, no phones, no site

[link to this post]
About an hour ago, Onestream connection stopped. The ADSL reported OK as did the router but no actual data and PC said Connected, No Internet. Troubleshooter said DNS not responding. Tried the and still nothing. Phoned Onestream. Recorded message said couldn't answer phones "because of the situation" and referred to the chat function on their website - their website is Server Not Found. Either a major tech issue or they've gone pop. Any info either way? Thx.
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Thu 26-Mar-20 01:07:38
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Re: Onestream seems to be down, no phones, no site

[re: IslandBoy] [link to this post] (note the https not http) is working now. No mention of any problem as such, but at the bottom of the Home Page is:-
Due to the recent outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the requirement of many to self-isolate, Onestream are currently operating with a significantly reduced workforce. In order to balance the safety and wellbeing of our staff with servicing our customerís needs we need to use the most efficient methods for customer contact.

Therefore, during these unprecedented times we are unable to continue to take telephone calls, but will instead service your needs via the use of Livechat. If you have a question about your order, your current bill or service then click on the Livchat option below and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

Livechat is available to browsers on all main devices including desktop and mobile.

For those customers who are elderly or vulnerable, if you are not able to use the Livechat functionality then please call our usual number where you will be able to request callback. Please note due to very limited resource we are only able to offer a callback to those unable to use our Livechat functionality. Number for elderly and vulnerable to call is 0333 241 4449

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these extremely difficult and unprecedented times.
The "Live Chat" is offline at the moment, stating that office hours are 8:30 to 17:30.

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Standard User IslandBoy
(newbie) Thu 26-Mar-20 09:15:59
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Re: Onestream seems to be down, no phones, no site

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Thanks RobertoS. Had an email from them this morning which said "At approximately 4pm one of the UKs largest network providers experienced an outage in their datacentre which resulted in downtime for some of our customers. By 6pm a resolution was implemented which should have restored services for all of our customers."

So it was indeed back by the time I'd gone through all the diagnostics, rebooted the router, found the DNS thing, reported to my client who saw me drop off line while on Slack, found the one place in the house (corner of kitchen) with a 4G signal on 3 (FWIW worse than O2 in West Wight), set up the hotspot, setup a 4 device + printer network to use it and test. All a bit ironic as current major issue for us is working on industry network resilience and liaising with Ofcom / DCMS!

Still, must learn to be more philosophical as there are a lot of people with serious problems right now. Thanks for your post.

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