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Standard User anydroid
(newbie) Tue 04-Jan-11 16:37:18
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XXL 50meg, VOIP, WNR2000 v1

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I recently discovered that my Virgin supplied wireless router (Netgear WNR2000 v1) has issues with SIP ALG and will terminate outbound VOIP after 20 seconds. Unlike its v2 cousin, it cannot be reflashed with DD-WRT.

After 30 minutes and four transfers around Virgin's customer care I was finally told they, "don't support VOIP. If you want a VOIP router you'll have to buy it yourself."

So you deliberately supply wireless routers that are known to be incompatible with outbound VOIP?
"No, we deliberately supply wireless routers to support our services and VOIP isn't one of them."

This seems like a shoddy way to treat XXL customers.

Is is possible to get Virgin to swap out the router for one of their D-Links or whatever else they supply to new XXL connections?

BTW: the dedicated 50meg customer care line (0800 052 0431) rings straight to India.

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Standard User BipolarBear
(experienced) Tue 04-Jan-11 19:07:34
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Re: XXL 50meg, VOIP, WNR2000 v1

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yep the WNR2000 is a rubbish router - possibly the only netgear router that doesnt have the ability to disable SIP ALG, not even through the CLI. The only solution if you dont want to go buy another router (which i ended up doing anyway) is to flash it with a really old firmware which appears to have SIP disabled by default. I've looked and i dont seem to have kept a copy and i dont know the exact revision but googling will pick it up. I now have a WNDR3700 and it is a much nicer router, but unfortunately also quite expensive.

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