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Standard User PatMcCoy
(newbie) Thu 19-Jan-12 20:27:59
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Virgin Media High Utilizatio​n issues

[link to this post]
after a new router and phoneing for over two weeks was told there is a problem and it will be sorted by the 02/02/2012
Thats in the slough are SL1
Anyone else having problems?
Standard User kwikbreaks
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 21-Jan-12 10:12:36
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Re: Virgin Media High Utilizatio​n issues

[re: PatMcCoy] [link to this post]
Thousands. As VM have millions of customers you don't matter to them in the least.

If your area has become congested I'd suggest buying a few Kg of salt to use in pinches with the umpteen fix dates you'll get dwindling into the distant future.
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