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Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Fri 07-Mar-14 18:02:23
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Re: VDSL router

[re: adslmax] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by adslmax:
pcoventry76 - what the real different between residential fibre and business fibre? Does business fibre had the best support, quickest fault team, lower contention ratio?

For Plusnet the business side has a dedicated team who's policy is to answer the phone within seconds. They are all [censored] hot at what they do and they all provide IMHO a very good service. residential fault used to be dealt with in the order they were pushed. the business team do this too but they also have time limits on checking for updates and they often call customers just for an update even if there isn't one. Like all departments they have stats and the business team have a rather tight rein on theirs. There is no call flow sta chart produced for business because they have low calls and answer very quickly. I have never seen a call either taking one or making one to them that has gone past 3 rings.

traffic is a higher priority on business - they have a quicker fault resolution and also offer enhanced care. It might have changed since I worked there but i suspect it hasn't much.

I am not sure about fibre but for ADSL it was a 20:1 contention as opposed to 50:1 for residential. Should I ever get FTTC I will be using them. If only for the piece of mind of knowing should I need to call them they will provide me with a very good service.

Even on the weekends business calls get priority. If anyone from PN is reading this and I have it wrong then please do say so - but that's how I remember it and I am sure it's not changed much.

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