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Standard User dronkula
(regular) Mon 17-Aug-15 19:09:38
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What speed should I be getting

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Ok - so I'm confused a bit now.

I'm in a shared house that includes VM broadband. It was originally the old 20mb package, and after I called them up to ask why it hadn't been upgraded (it had been after the roll out to 30mb minimum had been completed) they said it was because we had an old VM router.

So, I talked to the landlord and he gave me all the details and agreed to let me deal with Virgin and we agreed a new 12 month contract to get the new router and get the 30mb speed.

However - we're still on 30mb.

Looking at the news on the frontpage, should we have had another upgrade to 50mb by now? Or is it just new customer or do you need to call them to get the upgrade?
Standard User Sark
(legend) Mon 17-Aug-15 19:25:35
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Re: What speed should I be getting

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Yes, indeed, for some reason you had to opt-in to the last round of upgrades. Sounds like they'll be doing the same this time as well.
As an area of the network is upgraded we will write to all of our customers in that area letting them know that their upgrade is ready and all they need to do to accept the upgrade is log on to their account online to confirm and we will then increase their speed. By writing to them we are not forcing the upgrade upon them and if they want to stay as they are they can.
Why anybody would refuse the upgrade I'm not clear on! It's not like they'll reduce your bill if you do. It'll reduce VM's own bills though, for sure.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 18-Aug-15 10:06:53
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Re: What speed should I be getting

[re: Sark] [link to this post]
Some people are on legacy price offers and taking upgrades may negate those, so can understand why some stay on old packages.

Looks like around 5 to 10% are on slower legacy packages from looking at speed test results over time

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