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Standard User ZenUserJP
(committed) Tue 26-Jan-16 18:03:45
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Business 300.

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I can get business 300 according tot he website. I was told this was only being released in areas that can take it. I was also told Business and res use the same network

If thats so why couldn't my 70 res service run at 70 all the time? is the 300 service more managed as it's a business product? is there any SLA?

I also think the extra £10 for a landline with unlimited calls and the first 10 mins to mobiles is also a good deal.

I wouldn't mind it even at £80 a month in a property I own and rent out to 5 people. it would suit them nicely between them.

House is a commercial property owned by a Ltd. So would they allow install?


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Standard User ZenUserJP
(committed) Wed 27-Jan-16 18:48:08
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Re: Business 300.

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Got the answers elsewhere.
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