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Standard User mittenkrust
(member) Tue 11-Oct-16 17:33:27
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Nightmare CS r.e billing

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I keep getting overcharged and then manually having to phone to get sorted, next bill I get a few credits to cover the error but then the same bill has wrong amount for services.

I should be paying £36

Some months I am paying £42, some like £30 as the promotional discount is always messed up and I even think when I pay £30 its more than it should because of the way they do their crediting system.

Last month I paid about £39.49 despite not making any phone calls outside of my allowance and it was meant to be £36

They told me that this was an error and £3.49 would go on my next bill, as well as the £3.50 from previous 3 months bills, plus a credit for downtime I had to my internet for a week (was problems in area)

£32.52 was taken from my account in thet end so I assumed the 6.98 was a credit to my account.

Checked current bill and it says I underpaid 6.98 last month but in the credits section adds £6.98 as well as 2x 3.50 credits and a 9.50 "missaplied billing correction" so 23.46 in credits.

However my bill for this month is 32.51 and when I query it I am told thats right.

How is £23.45 from £36 = 32.51?

I rang back again and was told the £23.46 will come from next months bill despite it showing on this.

But if that was the case why is this months bill £3.49 less?

Only way I can think is they have manually applied the £3.49 to the bill as a discount

But even then its a messy muddle.

Package total says £57.99 with £9 discount meaning its £48.99 total for the month.

so what happened to the other £12.99 discount? Again advisors told me not to worry as they manually add discounts and that makes a little sense as in if you ad a 9.50 credit and 3.50 creditit would make £13 but they are credits and not discounts!

So what is going on!
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