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Standard User Ignitionnet
(knowledge is power) Sat 12-Nov-16 11:52:45
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VM availability checker change

[link to this post]
Just FYI VM have changed their availability checker.

You can find the checker for premises that aren't live yet at!/cablemystreet

So if you are on the list but no more yet:


We’re on our way...

Your community has been chosen for future development, but right now we can’t confirm when we’ll be able to connect this address to Virgin Media services. We’re working as fast as we can to get to you, so please register below and we’ll keep you updated.

If you're planned in more detail or further along:


We’re on our way...

We’re busy behind the scenes getting ready to connect your community. We’re looking forward to bringing Virgin Media services to this address and working as fast as we can to get to you. Please register below and we’ll keep you updated.

In the case of the two postcodes above both are on an estate that is partially adopted. The first is on a road that is not public yet, so no further action has been taken beyond that it will be built at some point. The second is a road that is public, planned, and awaiting digging once the main cabinets feeding the area, providing power to the smaller cabinets and telephony, have completed commissioning.

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Standard User thebigdolphin1
(member) Tue 06-Dec-16 22:54:23
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Re: VM availability checker change

[re: Ignitionnet] [link to this post]
I know this post is almost a month old, but their checker seems to be giving odd results. For a postcode with no VM within reach for over a mile, it's giving the following:

Great news! We’re on our way…
We’re excited to tell you that work has already begun on expanding our network to your community. We’re expecting to be able to connect this area to Virgin Media services very soon, so please register to find out more

I would've thought it'd take many years to be able to move their cabling up to there.
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